About Me

creative, art director

My name is Malia!

Malia (muh-LEE-uh) is Hawaiian for "Mary"

I’m a UX/Product Designer, Creative Maker, and an ever-curious lifelong learner. I'm inspired by making things in both the physical and digital space and helping people along the way. Making is all about creative problem solving and that is what I am most passionate about.​

About me

Through empathy and problem-solving, I build meaningful experiences that create emotional connections to digital worlds. I've worn many different hats that all contribute to what kinda of designer and maker I am today. Enrolling in the 6 month UX Design Immersive at Flatiron School validated and strengthened my natural (Left/Right Brain) thinking process.

I’ve been a post-production collaborator, a jewelry designer, a music retail marketing director/social media content creator, and a facilities manager/production coordinator for the marijuana industry.

I can be both analytical in finding patterns, planning efficient systems but also flex my creative side with an eye for visual design. That is why I love UX/ Product Design so much, it makes my brain sparkle!✨

goodbyes are hard

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